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College Results Online (CRO) is an interactive,
user-friendly Web tool designed to provide policymakers, counselors, parents, students, and others with information about college graduation rates for nearly any four-year college or university in the country.

The Education Trust updated this database in July 2019. College Results Online now includes graduation rate and other critical student data for the 2016-17 academic year.
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More About This Tool

CRO allows users to:

  • Examine colleges' graduation rates, and see how those rates have changed over time.
  • Compare graduation rates of similar colleges serving similar students.
  • Learn about colleges' track records in graduating diverse groups of students.

This information reveals that some colleges do a much better job of graduating students than others. It also shows that at many colleges, significant gaps exist in graduation rates between white students and students of color. But it also provides powerful examples of colleges that prove that low graduation rates - especially for diverse students - are not inevitable.

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